ICVP Technical Session Report

The Annual Technical Session of Indian College of Veterinary Pathologists commenced on November 8, 2019 at 9:30 AM in the conference hall of the Administration Block of COVS, Selesih, CAU, Aizawl. The session was coordinated by Dr. Amarjit Singh, Secretary ICVP. Over 100 delegates attended the session. The session was chaired by Dr. V.K. Gupta, President ICVP, Co-chaired by Dr. D.V. Joshi, and Rapporteur was Dr. Nitin Dev Singh.

The session started with the presidential address by Dr. T.V. AnilKumar, outgoing President ICVP. He told the delegates regarding the functioning and importance of ICVP and how it will help the young pathologists in the coming time.

In the initial part of the session three expert invited lectures were delivered under ICVP Model Case Presentation by experienced ICVP Diplomates. Dr. Arvind Ingle presented the format of properly writing the post mortem reports and how a Pathologist should describe the various gross and histopathology lesions in order to reach a conclusive diagnosis. Dr. S. K. Panda presented ‘A Case of Theileriosis in Giraffe’ and recommended that tick control is of utmost importance in wild animals and zoo animals to prevent deadly tick-borne disease. Dr. N. Pazhanivel, presented ‘An Outbreak of Duck Plague’ which lead to huge mortality in ducks. The outbreak was triggered by transport stress to the birds.

ICVP Model Case Presentations

S. No.

Title of Presentation

Name of Presenter


Laboratory animal diseases and experimentation

Dr. Arvind Ingle


A case of Theileriosis in Giraffe

Dr. SK Panda


Duck plague outbreak in an organized duck farm

Dr. N. Pazhanivel


Award Session for best case presentation: An award session for the best case presentation was held with the focus on core pathology mainly based on complete necropsy findings/Case study and other associated findings where Young Veterinary Pathologist including MVSc/PhD Students (< 35 years of age and Life Member/Associate Member of IAVP) participated. The young pathologists were mentored by the ICVP diplomats for the case presentations. A total of eleven (11) case presentations were made as detailed below:


S. No.




Peritoneal Epithelioid Mesothelioma in German Shepherd Male Dog by Pandya MM, Raval SH, Parmar RS, Patel JG, Chhatpar KD and Joshi DV

Pandya Manankumar Maheshbhai

SDAU, Gujarat


Occular Amelanotic Malignant Melanoma in Janivnapuri Female Goat by  Jani HD, Mithapirji RM, Raval SH, Parmar RS, Patel JG, Patel SJ, Patel BJ and Joshi DV

Harshkumar Dineshbhai Jani

SDAU, Gujarat


Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a Dog: Case Report by Baruah B and Tamuli SM

Binita Baruah

Khanapara, Guwahati


A case of Primary Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma in a dog by Megha Kaore, Madhri Hedau, Sneha Throat, Seema Shinde, Arvind Ingle and NV Kurkure

Megha P. Kaore



An atypical case of Porcine Circoviral infection in a Crossbred Grower Pig by Dinesh M, Jigar C Thakor, Pradeep Kumar, KV Vishva, KP Singh and Monalisa Sahoo

Dinesh M

IVRI, Izatnagar


Studies on Pathology of Liver Specimens from Slaughtered Bovines in Aizawl Districts of Mizoram by Biswadeep Behera

Biswadeep Behera

CAU, Selesih, Aizawl


Detection of Enteropathogenic infection in a Canine Puppy : A Case Report by Choudhury FA, Kalita K and Sadhashivam K

Farhin Aktar Choudhury

Khanapara, Guwahati


Pathology of Traumatic Injury and Asphyxia in an Asian Black Bear by Borah Simran, Dutta Biswajit, Choudhury FA, Kalita K and Sadhashivam K

Samiran Barah

Khanapara, Guwahati


Spontaneous Fibrosarcoma in an Aged Albino Rat: A Case Study by Rupali Masand, RD Patil, Rinku Sharma, Vikram Patil, RK Asrani and VK Gupta

Rupali Masand



Chronic Nephropathy in a Canine byBisht A, Kumar R, Kumar A, Patil RD, Asrani RK and Gupta VK

Anmol Bisht



Highly Pathogenic Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome in Wild Pigs of Mizorum, India by  Sikder Jabidur Islam and Tribid Kumar Rajkhowa

Sikder Jabidur Islam

CAU, Selesih, Aizawl


The case presentations were judged independently by a panel of five ICVP diplomates as per the prescribed scorecard and were rated accordingly. Out of the 11, the following presentations were selected for the ICVP awards and shall be posted on ICVP website as model case presentations after necessary editorial modifications:


Title of the Presentation

Presenting Author

Type of Award

A case of Primary Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma in a dog

Megha P. Kaore

ICVP Award for the 1st best case

presentation (A Certificate and Rs.

5,000/- cash sponsored by Dr.Vyas M Shingatgeri)

An atypical case of Porcine Circoviral infection in a Crossbred Grower Pig

Dinesh M

ICVP Award for the 2nd best case

presentation (A Certificate and Rs.

2,500/- cash sponsored by Dr. DV Joshi)

Peritoneal Epithelioid Mesothelioma in German Shepherd Male Dog

Pandya Manankumar Maheshbhai

ICVP Consolation Award


Chronic Nephropathy in a Canine

Anmol Bisht, Palampur

ICVP Consolation Award



The session ended with the address of the Chairperson who motivated and congratulated the young pathologists who came forward and presented their cases which will help in their future endeavors.


In the end, Dr. Amarjit Singh, Secretary ICVP, thanked all the key speakers and thanked the judging panelists as well as the Chairperson, Co-chairperson and the Rapporteur of the session and felicitated them for the successful conduct of the program.


Secretary, ICVP